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Founding brothers


Len-o is one of the founders of Assholes 4 Life. He comes up with most of the ideas for the movie. He also does most of the editing and filming for it too. He is currently scouting for new cast members to join the old ones.


Stacker is also one of the founders of Assholes 4 Life. He is Len-o's younger brother. Stacker is one of the first people to try out Len-os crazy ideas. He has been in the movie since he was 7 years old. He helps decide what should be put in the movie and what shouldnt.


BIG Beau-ner cousin to Len-o and stacker is the 3rd  founding brother that is still in it. He helps come up with some of the skits. He was the person who came up with the production company Screamer Productions.


Freakshow is best friends with BIG Beau-ner and Spam. He is the 4th of the founding brothers that are in it. He is crazy!(getting hit with the 4 wheeler)


Spam is the final founding brother in Assholes 4 Life. He is BIG Beau-ners brother. And also jumps at some of the crazy ideas in Assholes 4 Life. DONT FUCK WITH HIM WHEN HE SLEEPS!

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