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The Crew


Shawn is Len-o and stacker's step brother. He joined once the movie started back up again. Shawn is the dare devil amoungst the group. He also helps out with transportation and editing.


Richard is shawns brother. He is by far the blackest one amoungst us. He joined when the movie started back up again but had to move to Louisiana because of technical difficulties.


Crunk is Len-o and stacker's mother. She has to put up with all the bullshit that goes on in her house. During the process about $200 worth of damage has been done to her house. (doesnt that cracker look good) She supports the production of the movie 100% 


Nana is Crunk's mother. She doesnt appear alot in the movies, but when she does it's badass. Watch out for nana in Assholes 4 Life Vol.2


Art is Crunk's boyfriend and father to Blackman and Shawn. He too doesn't appear in the movie alot, but when he does he is either drunk or yelling at us to stop messing around.

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